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Forums > Photography Talk > What camera do you shoot with??

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Paul Rupp
Posts: 30
Canon or Nikon??

Personally, I shoot with Canon. I currently have a 20D (my fiance shoots with that one) a 5DmkII and a 7D. I have the grip on all 3 cameras.

2012 Dec 15 01:12 pm |Quote

Troy Tribble
Posts: 3
I now own the new  Nikon D800 before that I was using a D90 which  I will keep for a backup camera.
2012 Jul 19 11:07:27 am | Quote

Select Models
Posts: 5
Nikon D600 owner here with 7 Nikon lenses... trading in the D5100 for the D5200 when it comes out.
2012 Dec 15 01:12:00 pm | Quote

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