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fan or stalker?

Saturday, April 02 2011 9:52:22AM

im giggling as I type this....Ill let you guys decide

thats the link to my facebook..on it right now is a video a fan/stalker made of me..
its a slow song about me..with pics he got off the net

well this guy also painted pictures of me..and sent them to the oly address he could find on me which is my dads house..he has painted me..written me 20 page letters back and front

the thing that pissed me offI googled myself about 6 months ago and I popped off on the freakin' presidents page..This guy had written to them saying I was in tx and I would be perfect for their tx stuff!? I about flipped..I? found his name and phone number..called him at 1am (thats when I found it)
and I freaked out on real address was on this page and phone numbers..I keep politics out of my work completely! you lose too many fans when ya say what sise your on...

anyway..dont know if i should be scared of this guy or just take it in stride

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Comment 1

That sounds like a stalker to me FOR SURE! When dealing with a stalker you want to minimize your personal contact. They live for any type of communication from you. That includes emails, phone calls, etc. It was a mistake for you to call him. Instead you should have had a guy friend or an attorney to contact him for you. Sooner or later that freaks going to be at your front door or worse waiting for you when you get home.

by HELP DESK! on Saturday, April 02 2011 10:39:29AM.

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