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Charlie Schmidt

59 years old
Blue Springs Missouri United States

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About me

I like to think that most of the creative people day dream about the way they wish they were. And not in a bad way, more in a dreamscape...imagining, hoping the person they could become, the person they wonder if they are capable of being, is possibles and using those thoughts, these dreams, these hopes as fuel and motivation.

When I take pictures of someone I try to create that image of who they are or want to be. Who does this person want to be, and how do they want to see themselves? I enjoy working with models that can bring a variety of poses and expressions to the mix and to those models willing to go into the shoot with a spirit of collaboration in order to achieve the best results.

 I’m always looking for locations to add a different theme to the shoot.  I’m open to almost anything but the threat of arrest.

I am still in the Greater Kansas City Area.  I am still doing all the catalog and culinary work.  I still want to work with creative people.
I have two projects of interest this year, both are indoor/studio.  I truely hope to meet new friends, create a lot of images, and make some Premier Images.  I hope you can be a part of it.

Retouchers: Thanks for the interest
I have my own retoucher and am not interested in working with retouchers at this time for trade or pay.


Thanks for stopping by!
Have a Great Day
Rusty, Alicia, Charlie and the Gang
The Kansas City Media Group

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